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Making A Shake In Water With Protein Drink Mix


New To the UK

Add the Herbalife Protein Drink Mix(PDM) to your favourite Formula 1 shake and mix with water for a nutritious shake. You may have mixed Forumla 1  with milks of all kind (semin-skimmed, vanilla, almond, rice and soy) and fruit juices as a liquid component. Try two scoops of Formula 1 and one or two scoops of the Protein Drink Mix for a tasty and creamy shake. With two scoops of each you are getting 24 g of protein.

How much protein in the shake?

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Lactose Free Shake

A New Lactose Free Shake is available from Herbalife. Now you can get all the benefits of their original Formula 1 shake, made free from soy, lactose and gluten. That’s the goodness of 22 vitamins and minerals, fibre, high quality pea protein and plant-based carbohydrates which help you feel fuller for longer and sustain your energy levels. With pea protein, which is rich in arginine, lysine and branched amino acids.

More details: Lactose Free, Gluten Free and Soy Free shake.

Have you had your shake today?

Herbalife’s Shakes taste delicious and are designed to help you manage your daily calorie needs without any fuss or bother. Tried and tested for more than 30 years, Formula 1 combines essential vitamins and minerals with soy protein and plant based carbohydrates that can help you feel fuller for longer and sustain your energy levels as part of a weight management or healthy nutrition programme.

Options for a healthy breakfast? – Do you have cereals and toast, that is a predominantly carboyhydrate breakfast? Or do you miss breakfast alltogether?